Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The music has ended!

Hello Followers.

We would like to welcome you to our blog site. Welcome.

My self, Dani, and my best friend, Sophie, have finally decided that is high time that we got around to having a blog. Being first time bloggers, you must excuse our faux pas, there will be a lot of them.

My self and Sophie are two 16 year old girls from the grand city of London. Sophie is now forcing me to tell you, I am not quite 16 yet. Just over a week and I am.


Age: 16
Likes: Ducks, music, seeing friends and her ever growing collection of films.
Dislikes: Cheese, the colour orange, popular people who used to be unpopular.
Aspirations: To live in the country and get a pet chicken.
Random fact: I think a banana should be president!


Age: 15 - for now.
Likes: Guitar, music, cats
Dislikes: Cheese, bullies, annoying things.
Aspirations: To do something mathy!
Random fact: Things that jump out and say blue are better than things that jump out and say boo!

As I'm sure you may have noticed by now, we are not very normal people. We aren't all too sure what this will be about, but we will update it everytime we are together, which is a lot. We will write about what we have done since we last posted a blog, and what we hope to do whilst we are together.

That's about all for now.

Smile because the cake wants you to.



PS. For the more obsevant of you, you may have noticed the name of our first blog. 'The music has ended!' We have decided that for the title of every blog, the name will be of the song that is playing when we write the first word. As we decided this, we realised that the playlist we were listening to has just ended. So the title of our blog had to be 'The music has ended!'

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