Thursday, 16 June 2011

Can't help falling in love

Hello, Jello, Yellow.

Ok, we lied. Everytime we are together at Sophie's house! Which isn't as often as we are at mine (Dani) so we are sorry for not updating this recently.

Our life, well what is going on with our lives. A lot...

Saying that, not much that we can say publicly!


IT exam....SHIT!!!
My dad turned Muslim, getting married, moving house, and turning 50. And you wonder why I'm crazy!
Going to have a bite war with Nick. weird datey and Dani have no luck with boys...


Not having the IT exam....YAY!!!!
Been hanging out with cool people life fails


Hehe....all sorts of mischieve crazy crap ;)

Things we are going to do soon:

Explorers! :D:D:D
Chocolate :D:D:D
Pizza :D:D:D

Our lives are amazing :D:D:D

Ha I have the laptop!!!! I win - It's mine but Dani just likes stealing it :( x
(She then went along and changed all the mistakes in it)

Will talk to you all soon my lovelys

Smile because the cake wants you to



1 comment:

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